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getting super excited because camerons almost home and he’s going to be here for an entire month. Jeeeeez long distance sucks, but i’ve become so grateful for the time we do have together. So much sideboob with this shirt too, hes gon be real happy. 
SOS entertain me
im so bored i’m actually using my photobooth!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey hey heeeeeeey. I don’t have any social media other than tumblr once again… so my selfies are coming here now. Deciding if I should cut my hair or not. hmmmmmmm
And at once I knew, I was not magnificent
Starting over 
This is all I accomplished today
What a nice public bathroom
Hawaii :3
Breakfast in Hawaii
I have posted so many pictures of myself lately, but I don’t care because I am happpppppy and I only like photos when I am happy. woooooooo hooooo :) 
I look silly but I’m drinking some home made iced white tea, enjoying this nice summer day :3  
My boys picked me flowers :)
Going to hunt for some treasures with some friends >:)
film stock.
We so ugly